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If you are looking for an experienced and creative wedding photographer for your special day in Ribe, then you have come to the rigt place.
I photograph weddings on a lot of different locations in Denmark. The international weddings are always someting special for me, because I enjoy meeting people from around the world. Wedding photography is a way for me to tell a couples story and personalities through beautiful and personal wedding pictures.

My style – Wedding photography

It takes more than expensive camera gear and technical knowledge to get great pictures that will last a lifetime. I believe the most important thing in wedding photography is to make the bride and groom comfortable in front of the camera. Wedding photography should always be a fun and memorable experience, just like the rest of your special day.
If you are curios, you can read more about me and my approach as a wedding photographer in Denmark here.


Ribe is amazing with its unique town center. The cathedral, which the town is build around, is a great monument.  The old town and the beautiful nature in the surrounding region offers many great and beautiful locations for photography. Therefore it is always a pleasure to work as a wedding photographer Ribe. It is no wonder, that the town has become a sought after destination for couples from all over the world, who wants to get married in Denmark. Civil marriage in Ribe and the rest of Denmark is without a lot of bureaucracy, and therefore an attractive choice.

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