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Wedding photographer Denmark

My Name is Uffe Birk. I am a wedding photographer based in Denmark. I photograph couples from a broad variety of countries on many different locations in Denmark. If you are looking for an experienced, creative and yet affordable wedding photographer, I might be the right one for you.

It’s all about confidence

For me wedding photography is all about confidence. If the couple in front of the camera aren’t comfortable, then the pictures will tell. A nice and relaxing atmosphere is therefore the startingpoint in my style of photography.

There are so many emotions and sparkeling eyes on your special ‘once in a lifetime’ day, and thats what I like to show as a wedding photographer in Denmark. 9 out of 10 couples haven’t posed in front of a photographer before, and I am aware of that fact. I have some great tricks to make everybody look natural and great on camera. A walk, a dance, a little tickle or just a small chat on a bench is a great way to start a photoshoot on the wedding day.

Wedding pictures

So… How good are my wedding pictures actually? Well… You tell me! Click here to see a gallery with different series of pictures I have taken as a wedding photographer.

Photography pricing

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BONUS INFO – About one week before your special day, we will have a Skype session, where we talk about your wishes and expectations for me as a wedding photographer. This feature is included in my pricing, and it is a great way for us to get comfortable with each other.

About the wedding photographer

The wedding photographer

My name is Uffe Birk. I love photography, music, good food, a laugh and my girlfriend, Mia 🙂

I speak english and danish. Besides that I understand a little bit of german and a lot of body language.

This my portfolio page as a international wedding photographer from Denmark. Feel free to have a look at my Facebook page –